Adam Maxwell Pro Shooter talks about his experience with Weber Tactical

Belt mounted equipment is perhaps some of the most underrated pieces of equipment an action shooter uses. By the time they have the guns…and the mags…and the bags… and glasses…invariably the thought is “oh yeah, I need a holster too.” The most personal, individualized, and unborrowable piece of equipment… is usually the last thing a shooter buys. In addition, with so many “custom kydex” makers out there, how does one even differentiate between one or the other?

Weber tactical is not just another dude with a toaster oven “making holsters.” Weber’s gear was developed by a 3-gun shooter, in collaboration with other shooters, and at this point has been vetted across the industry with a huge stamp of approval. As a customer, when I look at Weber gear I can instantly tell it was made with my application in mind and my needs at heart. Weber holsters and pouches are trim, sleek, robust, and adjustable.

The most important aspect of Weber gear that I like is the combination of retention and draw presentation. More important than anything with belt gear, it needs to retain the equipment until I need it. Then, when I need it, it needs to have a smooth draw that does not distract me from the task at hand. Weber Tactical equipment delivers all of this in spades, AND is still stylish. It is apparent to me that a great deal of time and thought went into these holsters and pouches to make sure that they had perfect fit and a smooth draw. That is why I choose and will continue to use Weber Tactical holsters and mag pouches.  

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