IWB Inside the Waistband kydex holsterDefender Series IWB Kydex Holster

The Defender Series is Weber Tactical’s IWB Kydex holster.  It is one of two holsters in our concealed carry holster line.  Gun owners like to have options when carrying their weapon.  Sometimes you like to have it on your side, out in the open where everyone can see you celebrate your second amendment rights.  Other times you want the satisfaction of no one in the room knowing you’re armed.  This is why a good concealed gun holster is a part of every gun enthusiasts carry plan.

You want your IWB holster to safely hold and retain your weapon, but make it easy to draw when needed.  You also want comfort so you can wear it all day.  Weber Tactical Kydex IWB holster are just what your looking for.

Minimalist Design

The Defender Series holster is made of .08 thick material.  This thin yet very strong Kydex keeps your holster from taking up much room when worn.  It is light and easy to carry.  This American made holster is built on a minimal taco design with adjustable retention clips.  This 1.75 speed clip is made from Nylon 66 plastic giving the clip strength and rigid power to grasp the belt and pants.

Maximum Comfort

Built for right or left handed operators (specify when ordering) these holsters are built for all day comfort.  We have built in a mid-level sweat guard to keep you comfortable in the heat.  All our clips have adjustable ride height and cant (how far it tilts forward) to accommodate your draw style.

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Minimal Cover Clothing

The Defender is the perfect CCW holster for your Every Day Carry (EDC).  It is easily concealed under a t-shirt or light throw shirt with little or no print.

Special Features for this IWB Kydex Holster

We offer these special features.  If you have a question about custom modifications please contact us and we will get right with you.

  • Minimal taco design
  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable ride height and cant (how far it tilts forward)
  • Mid-Level sweat guard
  • Light and laser options are available on the order page
  • Custom prints are available
  • These are badge and DSN capable.

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