Original Gear SCCY CPX1/CPX2 Pancake Holster

Original Gear SCCY CPX1/CPX2 Pancake Holster


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Designed to be durable and comfortable for everyday use, Weber Original Gear SCCY Holsters are built for gun owners looking for high-quality gear at a price that’s too good to pass up.


SCCY Pancake Holster

The Weber Original Gear Pancake holster for SCCY CPX1 and CPX2 pistols are built from Boltaron, rather than Kydex to withstand the rigors of everyday carry and hard use.  As is standard with pancake-style holsters, The Weber Original Gear Pancake Holster is designed to hold the butt of the gun closer to your body. This gives you a lower profile for more discreet outside the waistband(OWB) carry.


Fully Adjustable

In addition to being designed for concealment, the belt loops on the Original Gear line are fully adjustable for ride-height and cant. Allowing every shooter to customize the holster to their shooting style and carry position. Every SCCY Pancake Holster is also fully adjustable for retention, allowing you to choose how much force is required to draw the pistol from the holster.


Red Dot Capable



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Right Hand, Left Hand

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