Spare Parts Kit

Spare Parts Kit


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Weber Tactical has put together the perfect spare parts kit that every shooter needs to have in their shooting bag.  Don’t let “Murphy’s Law” ruin your match because you lost a screw or broke a part.  We sourced a compact all in one hard plastic case and have included the parts listed in the description below which we have found no shooter can live without.


  1. Hard shell Locking Case
  2. 1 MRD
  3. 2 large retention screws
  4. 2 small retention screws
  5. 4 nylon washers for retention screw
  6. 2 hanger mount screws (Silver)
  7. 2 WT Mag pouch screws
  8. 2 WT 1/2 mount screws
  9. 2 WT ⅝ mount screws
  10. 2 WT ¾ mount screws
  11. 4 hood screws
  12. 4 attachment screws (⅜)
  13. 4 large backers (use with MRD and WT mount)
  14. 4 medium backers (use with attachments and WT mount)
  15. 4 small backers (use with WT mount)
  16. 6 rubber attachment spacers
  17. 3 curved end dividers for additional parts
  18. 1 straight divider for additional parts


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