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Do you have a holster and mag pouches that are beat up, or maybe they don’t work 100% of the time? We all know shooting sports is expensive, no matter what we tell our significant other. I have been the guy who tries to save money and hobble my holster and mag pouches together only to get to the end of the greatest stage run of my life with 1 more pistol reload, and there is no mag in the pouch. There is nothing more heartbreaking than looking back at your buddies on the stage pointing to the mag you dropped on the ground.

I also know the dreaded sound of hearing the RO scream STOP!, looking down at that beautiful pistol, you know the love of your shooting life, gun of your dreams, is laying on the ground.

Have you been considering upgrading to Weber Tactical holsters, mag pouches, or a new Gamer Belt, but you have gear that kinda works and well 2020 sucked so you aren’t sure you want to spend the money?

I want to introduce to you the Weber Tactical USPSA Trade up program for holsters and mag pouches. If you are running any other brand of competition holster or mag pouches you can send them to us and receive up to 25% off on Weber Tactical USPSA Gear plus free shipping. Make 2021 your best year ever and spend your time at matches worrying about your stage plan, not if your gear will work.

How does it work? Ship us the item and we will cover shipping back to you of the new products.

Eligible products must be a recognized brand and not homemade. 25% off discount will be determined by the retail cost of the items submitted for trade up at the time of the trade. Eligible items may vary. We reserve the right to authorize or decline items not functional.

This is for plastic items only. No Mounts included in the trade program.

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