MKA 1919 Magazine Holder Drop Leg Rig


MKA 1919 Magazine Holder Drop Leg Rig

  • Fits Gen 1, Gen 2 and Metal MKA 1919 Mags
  • Double Wrap Included
  • Custom cut on top reducing the drag when drawn
  • Mag holder designed for bullets to face forward, however they work both ways
  • Includes the 5.11 tactical ThumbDrive Thigh Rig
    • Rubberized threads
    • Two adjustable ballistic nylon leg tension straps
    • Quick detach buckle
    • Height-adjustable drop leg strap
    • Durable swivel clip
  • Many color options available – View color options here
  • Choose color below
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Outside Color

Select your outside color from this list.

Double Wrap Inside Color

Remember you are choosing the inside color only. You will need to choose an outside color from the lists above.

Additional Information

Please list any special set up on your equipment that will affect how your holster is made. We want your holster to fit correctly the first time.

Custom Design (optional)

If you would like a custom design such as a logo printed on your holster, please upload a vector file of your design below. Note: We cannot do custom designs on Carbon Fiber or Print Design colors. Basically It can only be printed on the first colors listed before the Carbon Colors

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MKA 1919 Magazine Holder Drop Leg Rig

If you need this – you NEED this! The Drop Leg Rig is designed specifically for Open Class 3 Gun Shooters that use the MKA 1919 Platform. Designed for the guys at Tooth and Nail Armory that know MKA 1919s and the need for a MKA 1919 Magazine Holder Drop Leg Rig.

Our system is designed to handle all Gen 1, Gen 2 and metal MKA 1919 magazines. If the box is designed for the MKA 1919 this rig will work. You just have to choose whether you want 1 or 2 MKA 1919 Mag Holders.


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